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Welcome to
GD Apparel

Our Strength is in the diversity of garments we produce
servicing the denim jean, workwear, and uniform markets globally


About GD Apparel

With our beginnings dating back to the 1960’s, we are proud of our legacy and our family commitment as we embark on the 4th generation of ownership here at Grupo Denim.

Large scale changes took place in 1990 when GD Apparel (Gomez Palacio, Durango Mexico) began its expansion to include exporting garments direct to the US customers. In 2001 we proudly opened our first office in the United States servicing our commitment to product development, diversification of categories of garments we produce, and sales associated with the CMT & Full Package marketplace.

Starting in the mid-2000’s GD worked tirelessly to diversify our product offerings to include fashion denim, workwear bottoms, workwear tops, outerwear, uniforms, and Flame-Resistant apparel.

Production expanded in 2009 as we opened our new Laundry & Finishing plant in Managua, Nicaragua. In 2020 GD began our cutting & sewing offering from Nicaragua. This provides us flexibility in our full-service offerings from 2 countries allowing our customers to choose from different capabilities that best fit your own sourcing objectives.

Our commitment is simple, “we consistently invest in our infrastructure as we strive to improve our design development, sewing capabilities, and our garment wash processing including a family commitment to sustainability…….leaving behind a better planet for future generations”.

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Our monthly garment volume is 500,000 for both “CMT” (1/2 package) and “Full Package” programs allocated to the domestic & export business. Grupo Denim employs over 3,500 workers in our 7 modern facilities. We are constantly investing in equipment and personnel to offer the best quality & service of any factory in America.

Development center


We have a special department separate from production to keep Grupo Denim as a leading force in both assembly & laundry developments for the market place. This includes fashion construction of the garments as well as new engineered finishes to keep us ahead of our competition for service & innovation.


Our product development location has spawned several new partnerships both in chemical & fabric resources that have pushed Grupo Denim to the forefront of the apparel industry on technology.


Pattern & Marker Design


We depend on this highly qualified department on the design, digitalization, and pattern markers to insure the quality of the finished products to meet our customer’s standard. We use the latest tools the CAD/CAM software from Gerber Technology, Accumark Professional Edition PDS2000.


Our AP-700 Gerber plotters guarantee the best precision & velocity to print production markers. This system also allows us to receive & process information generated from other systems such as: Micromark, Lectra Investronica, Assyst, etc…


Fabric Warehouse & Cutting


Fabric is 100% inspected upon receipt.


Our cutting department controls an inventory rack system that allows for precise allocation of each roll & fabric type to expedite each roll through the cutting process. Grupo Denim is capable of storing 1,700,000 yards of fabric using this carefully controlled inventory rack system.


We cut with an integrated quality system that includes fabric audits, marker review, and spreading and cutting audits.


We can handle any kind of material from 5 to 15 oz. 100%


We have the capacity to cut 1,200,000 garments per month using 6 separate cutting tables & 45 manual cutting machines.




Grupo Denim is capable to produce a wide range of styles including Dungarees, Carpenters, Fashion jeans, jackets, workwear items, twill pants 1/2 or full elastic waistbands, as well as contour waistbands. We couple this flexibility in the construction of garments with the ability to sew many fashion fabrics including stretch denim, twill & canvas, polyester blends & nylon.


Our total sewing capability is 1,000,000 garments on a monthly basis. We own and operate a total of 7 sewing lines in “La Laguna”, Mexico.


Grupo Denim has a total of 3,500 sewing machines servicing this monthly capacity and able to grow up to 1’600,000 garments per month.


Embroidery Equipment


Tajimas embroidery machines are used for the sewing of the embroideries on all parts of the garment. Our Tajima software DG-38, allows us to create any design.




Our Laundry’s production area has a total of 28 wet process machines consisting of 900 & 1200 lb. capable machines. Grupo Denim’s total output from these 28 machines is 1,200,000 units per month.


We can achieve the most sophisticated garment Dry process finishing details & Wet Process methods Such as Enzyme wash, Sand wash, Stone wash, Bleach wash, Acid wash.


Recycling Plant


We supervise the preservation of the environment through our on-site recycling water plant. This plant helps us to meet and exceed all ecological standards that rule our industry today.


Finishing & Packing


All 3 of our finishing areas work on a 4.0 AQL system providing the highest quality standards to all of our trading partners.


  • Modular Inspection Technology – Measurements audit station – Finishin-Labeling- Packing.
  • Final Audits.
  • Delivery Tracking.



This new facility offer a specialized area for wet & dry process as well as a finishing area with a capacity projection of 550,000 units per week with a workforce of 3,300 new employees. Some of the services that we offer are Hand sand, Sand Blast, Spray, Resin, Pigments, Destructions & Special Treatments.


Having this presence in different countries of the continent, Grupo Denim continues our commitment to provide quality services to all our client´s needs; offering a global service able to fill the different market demands.



Our Laundry´s production area has a vast equipment Installation in an Area of 12,954.19 mts.2. 50 laundries, 21 warmers, 48 steam press, 2 ovens for special process, 12 Sand Blast cabins, 6 Resin cabins, 6 potassium cabins, 60 models for hand sand, 30 emery units, 150 dremels, Etc.




Wet Processes: Pre Wash – Rinse – Raw Wash – Dark Stone – Enzyme Wash – Stone Wash – Medium Stone Wash – Double Stone Wash – Antiques – Vintage Aged Wash – Light Stone – Bleach Stone – Hyper Wash – Acid Wash – Tinting – Dyeing & Overdyes – Pigment Dyes – Tarnish Wash – Storm Denim Technology by Cotton Inc.


Dry Process: Brushed-Spots-Ball Wraping-Creases-Crinkles-Wrinkles-Grinding-Destructed-Sandblasting-Hand Sanding-Spraying-Pigments-Resin-Permanent Press-Ring Stones


Wash Development


The Development Wash Center was created with the purpose of meeting the demands of our customer´s needs regarding research and development of fit & wash in denim. We are equipped with the tools and handwork experience that are required to be at the forefront of denim trends.




The Lab is a very important department of our development center. We perform physical tests to all fabrics. These tests include tear & tensile, as well as fabric weight, PH, shrinkage, skew, tapering, HL´s. These tests are necessary in order to have the best quality control of all new developments & production.



Our services

Product Development

A dedicated product development team coordinated with our USA Marketing team continues to advance with the industry for the latest trends both in construction & laundry finishes. We continuously challenge and feed back our team to always be updated for today's market demands while working side by side with our worldwide resources (chemical, instrumentation, machinery & fabric mills) to keep bringing fresh & the most sophisticated Finishing Techniques.

Embroidery & Novelty Stitching

Special designs and Deco stitching is used to enhance different areas of the garments bringing unique personality to it, or just identifying your image.

CMT Cut Make Trim

We can provide CMT Services for specific clients who have all design, purchase & planning departments in place, just seeking for a great manufacturer close to home. We offer Marking, Cutting, Sewing, Washing, Finishing, Packing, Shipping and Basic Trims Purchase to complete the hard work our partners do every day.

Full Package

The creed of the full package department is to "support each client´s needs to achieve a common goal". This goal includes: Global Fabric & trim Sourcing. Specification & Design Development tailored to each special clients market. Price Competitiveness. Production Logistics - Time & Action Calendars, "WIP"/ Work In Process Reports, Production Planning, Inventory Management & Shipment Planning.


At Grupo Denim we know how important it is for the planet to keep our production processes sustainable. Therefore, we focus our efforts on optimizing each process, being more responsible, thus reducing the environmental impact for society.

Customer Care Policy

We aim to satisfy our customer’s requirements by ensuring the highest levels of quality and service in all that we do. Supported with modern office tools/equipment, that will allow us to provide optimum performance and meaningful solutions for your daily needs/operations. Always offering you more than your expectations.

We want to become an extension of your organization that is working hard as you are to achieve your goals and objectives.

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Our Strength is in the diversity of garments we produce servicing the denim jean, workwear, and uniform markets globally

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